Thank you grandma for the learnings of the simple life.

August 2022

From the mountains to the city, following this Andean tradition and its different expressions through time and space.

June 2022

But seriously, do you know? A couple of months ago I was in Panama, sitting on a bench staring at the Panama Canal, on an unforgivingly hot afternoon…

March 2022

A sneak behind the scenes of artisanal chocolate making in Santa Cruz, California.

September 2021

I've been after maíz for a few months now. It led to people and places, like Oaxaca, as I went after the pockets of wisdom hidden in this emblematic…

June 2021

A blend of traditions and experiences that comes to life in the form of free-spirit cooking.

May 2021

Todos os dias a mesma boca de fogão, a mesma comida de casa, e a sensação de entrar em um ciclo infinito de cozinhar, comer, lavar louça. Não há nada de…

April 2021

O ritual que começa ao abrir a geladeira numa noite qualquer.

February 2021

I’ve always been fascinated by art and science of food. To me, food is at the intersection of curiosity and pleasure. Curiosity has taken me to study…